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Media Planning & Placement

Discovering what and how to buy particular markets and media outlets is a skill. It takes a certain “je ne sais quoi” and quite frankly… we have it. 


For over 2 decades we have worked with hundreds of media companies negotiating the best placement and rates for our clients. 


Using a mix of traditional media requires creativity and experience in order to get the best return on your advertising budget. 


The Ad Agency pulls data from thousands of campaigns to help create new ones. We are also able to utilize our relationships with media companies for any additional research we might need.


The Ad Agency dedicates a large portion of time to analyzing the best options for a media buy. We look at multiple options that may include a variety of mediums. 


Understanding rate structure and seasonality backed by 25 years of experience allow The Ad Agency the ability to secure the best rates for our clients.


To ensure your media was placed, broadcast, or trafficked correctly The Ad Agency spends additional time with invoice review and fulfillment. We ensure that the media buy is accurate before you are billed.

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